Plixi Folding Helmet Review

Plixi folding bike helmets

The Overade Plixi collapsible helmet takes a very different approach to folding than other folding helmets. When unfolded, it looks like a solid full-head helmet, and when folded it collapses down along sections that run across and down the helmet, essentially folding it into a ball rather than flat.

The Plixi helmet weighs in at just under one pound with unfolded dimensions of 59-62cm. While one pound is on the heavier side of the weight spectrum, it is still pretty impressive to get this solid of a helmet under a pound. Given the way the helmet folds, it offers a different type of convenience in carrying. This helmet will fit in the bottom of a backpack rather than along the back of it. It is suited for purses over briefcases moreso than other helmets.

With its exterior made of ABS hardshell, it offers strong protection in the event of an impact. This is good news for all of the noggins you would like to keep intact. The interior of the Plixi is made up of one solid layer of foam with a full lining of softer foam for comfort. Indeed, when folded you can see a nice cross-section of its inside layers. While this adds protection, it also adds weight

The Overade Plixi Helmet is unique among its competitors in the folding helmet arena in that it can be folded into a more compact shape, with no single dimension exceeding about 8 inches. Its also complies with European safety standards (EN 1078) and US CPSC standards. In fact, it is one of the few also rated for use when riding skateboards, scooters, and roller skates.

The ventilation channels integrated into the Overade Plixi folding helmet provide a surprising amount of airflow for a helmet that looks so solid and blocky from the outside. A combination of vents, the folding seams, and the light foam layer on the inside allow air to flow freely. It also has easily adjustable straps that give it a solid fit on the head.

Pros and Cons of the Overade Plixi Folding Helmet


  • Ventilation is surprisingly robust. You’ll sweat, but not as much as others.
  • It folds into a different form factor than other helmets. While not as flat, it crunches down in length much more than others.
  • Meet required safety standards
  • Reinforced impact absorption gives it safety ratings for other sports, too.


  • It tends to move around when the harness is not in place.
  • It does not fold flat for people looking to carry it in a computer bag or similar.


The Overade Plixi is a solid (pun intended) choice for those needing a folding helmet. While it does carry more weight than other helmets, the fact that it folds to a shorter length (albeit larger width) than other helmets makes is more portable in some situations.